Nucleus .Net Core CMS

Multi-Content module

The multi-content module displays content in an accordion, tab, pills, carousel or alert layout. Use the multi-content module when you want multiple pieces of content to occupy the same space on a page.

The Multi-Content module uses Bootstrap components to render your content.

You can create multiple content items for the multi-content module. Each item has a title and content.


Use the settings tab to control content presentation.



Layout Accordion, Alert, Carousel, Pills or Tabs. Each layout has its own set of options.

Accordion Layout

The Accordion layout displays one item at a time with a vertically stacked list of headings. When the user chooses another item, the displayed item is hidden.

Open First Make the first item visible by default.
Render Plain Draws the accordion without outer borders.

Alert Layout

The Alert layout displays all items in a highlighted container. There are several alert styles to choose from.

Alert Style Alert colors. These are Bootstrap syles.
Show Close Button Includes a close button at the top-right of the alert, which the user can click to close the alert.

The Alert layout doesn't display your content items in the same space like the other layouts.

The Carousel layout cycles through your content items automatically.

Show Controls Toggles whether to display forward/back controls to the user. The carousel transitions through content items automatically, unless the user hovers the mouse over the display.
Show Indicators Toggles whether to display an indicator showing the carousel's progress through the set of content items.
Render Plain Render the accordion without a background color, rounded corners so that it is rendered edge-to-edge with the parent container.

Tabs and Pills Layout

The Tabs layout draws multiple content items with navigation elements for the user to select which tab is visible. The Pills layout is similar to tabs, but doesn't have borders on the navigation elements.

Alignment Specifies the navigation element alignment (Left, Center, or Right).
Orientation Specifies whether navigation elements are shown side-by-side (horizontal) or in a column (vertical).
Fill Specifies whether navigation elements should stretch to fill the available space.
Justify Specifies that navigation elements should all be the same width.