Nucleus .Net Core CMS

The links module displays a lists of links to specified pages, files or Urls in a table or tile layout.

Links Module Screenshot

Any combination of links to files, pages and urls can be added to a links module.


To change settings for the module, click the Settings tab.



Categories List Specifies the list that is used by this module for categories. If specified, users can assign a category from the list to each link. Lists are managed in the Lists editor in the Manage control panel.
Layout Links can be displayed in a table, or as an ordered or unordered list.
Open in new window Specifies whether to open links in the current window, or in a new window or tab (depending on your browser setup).

To add a new link, click Add Link. To edit an existing link, click the edit button to the right of the links list.

Link Properties

Title The link title is displayed on-screen.
Description The link description is displayed on-screen.
Category The category is displayed on-screen, if selected. The category property is not visible if you have not selected a category list in module settings.
Link Type Url, Page or File
- Url If the link type is Url, enter the web site url to link to.
- Page If the link type is Page, select the target page.
- File If the link type is File, select the target file.

Permissions for Page and File links are checked at run time. If the user does not have view permission for a linked page or file, the link is not displayed.