Nucleus .Net Core CMS

Files List module

The files list module displays a list of downloadable files from a selected folder. The end user must have "Browse" permission for the source folder. If the user does not have permission to browse the files, or there are no files in the folder, nothing is displayed. The displayed files are restricted to the selected folder - the module does not display sub-folders or their contents and does not provide folder navigation controls.

Files List Module Screenshot



Selected Folder Choose a folder to display a list of the files that it contains.
Layout Files can be displayed in a table, ordered list, unordered list or as tiles in two columns.
Show Modified Date Specifies whether to display each file's last modified date.
Show Size Specifies whether to display each file's size.
Show Dimensions Specifies whether to display image dimensions (width and height). Dimensions are only available for image files.