Nucleus .Net Core CMS

Editing Content

You can edit your content or module settings by clicking the Edit Content button at the bottom-left of the page. This will enable editing mode, which will display a border around each module, and will enable editing controls. The editing controls appear when you hover over your module content.


Use the editing controls to edit content in a popup dialog, edit settings, move the module or delete a module. You can also edit content using the Edit Page Settings button or by clicking Pages, navigating to your page and choosing the Modules tab. Use the page settings page to add new modules.

Inline Editing

When edit mode is on, you can edit your module title by clicking in it and typing. If your module is a Html module, or another module type which supports inline editing, you can make simple changes to content by clicking your text and typing.

Moving Modules

Click and drag the Move button to move your module to another pane, or if the modules current pane contains more than one module, to change the order in which the modules are displayed.